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IVF Breast Cancer

If you have cancer, these protocols are in parallel to your cancer treatment

The treatment plan for most pre-menopausal women and me is Tamoxifen. Even with Tamoxifen, my recurrance risk is 30% over 5 years. I find 30% frighteningly high. For me, Tamoxifen is not enough for me. I follow these treatments in order to mitigate as much risk as possible. I can not wait for the eventual larger studies that will be done on the SNPs that impair estrogen metabolism and IVF medications.

Treatment for SNPs on CYP1B1, COMT, GSTM:

Unfortunately, there are no pharmaceutical medications that address an estrogen metabolism deficiency. I take supplements to alter the gene pathways so that my estrogen metabolism improves.

My initial treatment to compensate for the SNPs was:

  • DHEA to decrease my CYP1B1 activity (2 SNPs)
  • DIM-PRO to increase my CYP1A1 activity
  • SAM-E to increase COMT response (2 SNPs)
  • NAC to increase GSTM (absent)
Babs’ Initial Treatment for DETOX SNPs
My SNP Treatment.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.2 KB]

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